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• New York University, fall 1990, “A Night of Uncensored Stuff,” an interactive Fortune Telling Parlor installation.

• Peninsula Open Studios, Sally Applin Drawings, November 2003

• Ferngully + Moss, Gallery, Sally Applin Drawings, June/November 2002

• “California Copy Art,” Xerox PARC, the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, May 1998

• “Zarko’s Galleria e Caffe, Sally Applin Drawings, November/December 1997

• The Santa Rosa Junior College Art Gallery, fall 1992, “The Virtual Museum”

• SIGGRAPH, July 1992: Guerrilla Technologies (G-TECH), “The Virtual Museum”

• ACM Annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May 1992: The Interactive Experience, “The Virtual Museum”

• The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, fall 1990, “animated icon” interface for HyperCard computer games