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METRO UK - DEC 4, 2012:

McGuinness, Ross. (2012). "Instant pizza and a Facebook mirror: Welcome to the Internet of Things." Metro, UK. [Online]. 4 Dec, 2012.

"Sally Applin, from the University of Kent, is another member of the IoT Council and is researching the impact of technology on culture.

‘The IoT enables the environment to have a conversation with us – and vice versa,’ she said.

‘The IoT is the idea that things in the world – your lamp, your desk, your shoes, the roads, your teapot, your body – have sensors on them that relay temperature, motion, altitude, vibration, moisture, orientation and information to a text, email address, website or other messaging method, via the internet. ‘I look at the IoT as an added layer to the internet. The internet has greatly changed our way of life in many ways.’

She said London’s iBus system, which uses GPS and sensors to tell commuters when to get off at their stop, is a good example of the Internet of Things in practice. She also pointed out that, by 2020, it is estimated there will be 6.7 internet connected devices per person on the planet.Ms Applin said: ‘The territory does get fuzzy with regard to privacy and certainly we don’t want the IoT to replace humans, just complement them and enable them to do more of the things that they want to do and less of the things that they don’t.

‘If the environment can become smarter, then we can have a different relationship with how we interact in the world and with each other.’"