PolySocial Reality (PoSR) + Mixed, Dual, and Blended Reality

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Papers and Talks on PolySocial Reality (PoSR) + Mixed, Dual, and Blended Reality:

Conference: Augmented Reality Event - ARE2011, San Jose, CA, May 2011

Session: UI/UX for AR - Business Track (Wed, May 18th 2:30-3:00 PM, Great America J, First Floor)

Panel: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - "AR and Social and Sensors, Oh My!"

Conference: Theorizing the Web (TtW2011), College Park, MD, April 2011

Session: Open Panel: Wiki-Knowledge - Populist Epistemologies from the Web

Paper: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - “Humans and Knowledge: Making it in the Web 2.0 World”

Slides: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - “Humans and Knowledge: Making it in the Web 2.0 World” (Please double click to load, arrow keys (or double click) to move back and forth.)

Conference: SfAA 2011, Expanding the Influence of Applied Social Science, Seattle, WA, March 30, 2011

Session: Exploring the Boundaries of Social Media

Paper: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - “Come On, Do the Geolocomotion: Anthropological Context Goes Geospatial”

IUI 2011 - Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces - Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA | 13-16 February 2011

The annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces community and serves as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces.

Workshop 7: Location-Based Services in Smart Environments (LAMDa)

The LAMDa workshop aims to discuss the impact of Dual Reality and Mixed Reality on Location Awareness and other applications in Smart Environments. Virtual environments – which are an essential part of Dual and Mixed Realities – can be used to create new applications and to enhance already existing applications in the real world. On the other hand, existing sensors in the real world can be used to enhance the virtual world as well. The Kalman-filter can be seen as an example for this type of application: Sensor measurements in the real world are brought into the virtual world in form of a model that also describes the error distribution of the sensors. The virtual world is then used to make a prediction for the next measurement in the real world and both results – the prediction and the measurement – are used to refine the virtual world and to bring more accurate sensor measurements into the real world, usually in form of User Interfaces.

The main scope of this workshop is: How can the Dual Reality paradigm be combined with location awareness to achieve improvements for location-based and socially-aware services and other applications in smart environments?

Organizers: Gerrit Kahl, Tim Schwartz, Boris Brandherm, Petteri Nurmi, Andreas Forsblom, Eyal Dim

Workshop website: http://www.dfki.de/LAMDa/

Paper: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - "A Cultural Perspective on Mixed, Dual and Blended Reality" Introduction of PolySocial Reality (PoSR)

OneSpace 2010 - Third International Workshop on Blending Physical and Digital Spaces on the Internet - 20.09.20

"The third edition of Onespace will continue to offer a venue for the interdisciplinary exposition, exploration and cross-fertilisation of trends in how the Internet contributes to blend and modify reality and real-life technology with a focus on spatial aspects. The scope will be open to conceptual, experimental, and technological perspectives although we envisioned, as usual, a rather applied orientation supporting more fundamental discussions. The primary notions involved will be those of (geo)spatial and temporal sensitivity in physical, digital and virtual contexts, and the blending of digital and virtual images of space and of the physical realm."

Paper: Relatively Speaking: The Cultural Logic of Mobility in Space and Time - Sally A. Applin and Michael D. Fischer

(Our paper was accepted, but the workshop was cancelled.)