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Publications and Presentations:

Conference: Augmented Reality Event - ARE2011, San Jose, CA, May 2011

Session: UI/UX for AR - Business Track (Wed, May 18th 2:30-3:00 PM, Great America J, First Floor)

Panel: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - "AR and Social and Sensors, Oh My!"

Conference: Theorizing the Web (TtW2011), College Park, MD, April 2011

Session: Open Panel: Wiki-Knowledge - Populist Epistemologies from the Web

Paper: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - “Humans and Knowledge: Making it in the Web 2.0 World”

Slides: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - “Humans and Knowledge: Making it in the Web 2.0 World” (Please double click to load, arrow keys (or double click) to move back and forth.)

Conference: SfAA 2011, Expanding the Influence of Applied Social Science, Seattle, WA, March 30, 2011

Session: Exploring the Boundaries of Social Media

Paper: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - “Come On, Do the Geolocomotion: Anthropological Context Goes Geospatial”

Conference:IUI 2011 - Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces - Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA | 13-16 February 2011

Session: LAMDa Workshop, IUI 2011, February 2011 - IUI Workshop on Location Awareness for Mixed and Dual Reality (LAMDa)

Paper: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - "A Cultural Perspective on Mixed, Dual and Blended Reality"

Complete Proceedings: IUI '11 Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Conference: AAA - American Anthropological Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA 2010

Session: “Virtuality, Simulation and Social Life”

Paper: Michael Fischer and Sally A. Applin - “Articulating Cultural Symbols: Virtual, Augmented and Other Realities”

Conference: OneSpace 2010

Session: Third International Workshop on Blending Physical and Digital Spaces on the Internet - 20.09.20

Paper: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - "Relatively Speaking: The Cultural Logic of Mobility in Space and Time" - (paper accepted, workshop cancelled.)

Conference: 20th annual ACM Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference (CFP 2010), June 15-18, 2010, San Jose, California.

Session: Work in Progress: Research on Cyber Security, Trustworthy System and Privacy: "Computers, Freedom, and Privacy in a Networked Society,"

Poster: Sally A. Applin - Alternative Future: Steampowered Privacy (Steampowered Privacy Abstract, Poster and Slides)

Conference: 2001 Metropolis West Conference, February 2001, San Francisco, California

Session: Pick up the Thread of Sustainability: Wires + Tires

Panel: Sally A. Applin - Telecommuting

Conference: College Art Association (CAA) Annual Conference, CA, February 1999

Session: Virtual Museum Design Panel

Panel: Sally A. Applin - “Historical Perspective on the Design of Virtual Museums: The history of Apple Computer, Inc.: The Virtual Museum Project”

The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation - Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds Volume 3, Issue 3, pages 183–197, July/September 1992

Paper: The Virtual Museum: Interactive 3D Navigation of a Multimedia Database Gavin Miller1, Eric Hoffert1, Shenchang Eric Chen1, Elizabeth Patterson1, Dean Blackketter1, Steve Rubin1, Sally Ann Applin2, Derrick Yim3, Jim Hanan4

Book Chapters:

Book: Creating Breakthrough Ideas: the collaboration of Anthropologists and Designers in the Product Development Industry Bergin & Garvey, 2002. Contributing Author: Sally Applin - "Team Roles in the Design Process: Living with and Creating Legacies that Benefit Design"